Before you know it, your junior will be a senior, and it will be time to select a photographer for senior pictures. Too often, parents seem to get left our when it comes to making choices about a student's senior portraits. Parents input truly matters and it is very important to us at Nintai Studios Inc. And it's important to your son or daughter too.

We have prepared this guide to help you be better informed about the senior portrait process, and to help you to be a wise consumer.

If you only take away three things from this guide, let the messages be these:

1. You have the right to pick the photographer of your choice. Therefore you should look beyond the "contract" photographer to be certain you are getting the types and quality of photos you and your senior deserve.

2. The personalized attention and reliable service from us plays a big part in making your senior's portraits look great.

3. And asking plenty of questions would be wise before you select your photographer. 

How much should I expect to spend on photographs?

Whether you place a larger order or a small one, you will be amazed at our price schedule. Our pricing is designed so you save more as your order increases.

Pricing is an important issue, but remember, if you choose a photographer who takes mediocre pictures that you are not happy with, any money spent is a waste. Don't let that happen to you!

All of our finished photographs are fully retouched, meaning that we remove blemishes, and soften under the eyes. 

Who submits the senior portrait to the yearbook advisor for publication?

We do! Getting each and every student's yearbook picture delivered on time, and to the right people, is our primary concern. 

When should I schedule my senior portrait?

Contrary to what most parents think, senior portraits are NOT taken in the senior year! Because the deadline for submitting yearbook portraits is in the fall, most seniors are photographed in the summer before they graduate. If however you are thrift conscious, and want to save a lot of money, schedule your son/daughter to be photographed this April, May, or June. The best buys are before our peak summer season. The earlier your senior is photographed, the more your save. Your son/daughter won't change much between now and July, but your savings will be considerable. Call and ask about our Early Bird Specials.

What if I have more questions?

You are very important to us. Please call us at (401) 487-4978 and we will answer any questions that you may have.