This is a great opportunity to preserve this amazing and fleeting time in your family's history. Let us help you create the perfect image for your new miracle of life.

Pre-Session Consultation

This will allow us to build a rapport with each other, and help us make key decisions about how the portrait session will unfold. This will also be a good time to select a location, date and time, discuss clothing and makeup options, and just get to know each other a little better.

Home vs Studio

We truly believe that your home is the best location for the Artistic Maternity Photography. Your comfort is more critical than any other demographic. Pregnancy causes many changes in your body. These changes make it difficult to move about with ease and comfort.
Working in your home will save you the trouble of having to travel. You will also benefit from having more clothing choices at hand and the ability to change in the comfort of your own bedroom or bathroom.

Scheduling the Session

When is your due date? We can do the shoot at any time you feel you want to, however we generally prefer to do the shoot about midway through the eighth month. At this point in the pregnancy you will probably still be mobile and the abdomen is close to its full size.

If you are carrying twins, the time for pregnancy would be towards the beginning of the third trimester, at about seven months.

We want to book the shoot at the best time of day for you. We want you to be well rested without all the responsibilities of most days. This is a day to treat yourself and take it easy.

Other Children?

If young children are to be present during the session, it may be best to work in the morning before the toddler becomes tired. Also avoid other problem times that you know the little guy/girl might have trouble coping (like right before or after nap time/lunchtime/etc).